Adhere to harmonious and green development, constantly pursuit of new technologies and processes, further reduce carbon emissions, and save water resources, create a better future.


We aim to be a sustainability leader in our industry, create long-term value for customers and society

Develop advanced productive forces

- Increasing investment in R&D, bringing together the industry’s top technical talent to innovate, and constantly surpassing in the R&D, manufacturing and system process design of HPGR used in the mining industry.

Strengthen team cohesion

- The company organized various type of outdoor training for its employees from time to time, the company cohesion and team spirit have been strengthened through these trainings.

Protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and pay attention to their vital interests

- Adhere “People-oriented” management policy, the company and its employees always send love donations and birthday condolences every year and every time to employees who face family difficulties or sudden changes. The company demonstrates LEE JUN’s “family” culture from both spiritual and material aspects, so that it can be disseminated and promoted in a real way.

Emphasizing employee self-development and creating a conducive environment for growth

- LEE JUN pays great attention to the education and training of employees, also provides the best environment and positions for them to grow, encourages and trains its own employees for internal promotion, giving all a chance to fully display their abilities.

Pay Attention to national education and spread love to the society

- Every year, the company donates computers, books, desks, chairs, and other school supplies to poor primary schools, contributing to the country’s education. The company will also visit the widowed elderly and offer them with love and care so that they can feel the warmth from society. During natural disasters, LEE JUN always immediately offers aids in the form of funds, supplies or human resources, and through all these, instilling all employees with a sense of belonging and social responsibility.