LEEJUN provides four core advantages supports to customer around the world

Regular check support
Everything revolves around the product itself

We provide you with an optimal maintenance plan to minimize costs and ensure equipment reliability. Catching issues early with every inspection prevents accidents, production interruptions, damage to critical spare parts and unplanned costs.

We have the world’s largest HPGR manufacturing base with sufficient accessories and spare parts

Catching issues early, rapid response to avoid unexpected maintenance downtime

Shutdown inspection and wear parts support
Everything revolves around the equipment operating rate

We provide you with comprehensive shutdown services. We are responsible for reducing maintenance downtime during the service contract period.

We strive to increase productivity by optimizing the service life of wearing parts.

Shutdown and process support
Everything revolves around the productivity

We not only plan and execute shutdowns for you but also have strong process system technical support to ensure that any mechanical retrofits to the process will have a positive impact on your production capacity.

We have the world’s leading industrial test lines and various material test databases, which can provide data support for your production issues.

Maintenance and industrial intelligent cloud support
Everything revolves around the equipment reliability

We provide remote online diagnosis and focus on comprehensive management for all the details they are to ensure the equipment’s smooth operation. Develop and implement targeted maintenance programs.

Through the industrial intelligent cloud platform, we carefully ensure the stability and reliability of equipment and create maximum value for you.