Long-term consideration should be taken when choosing spare parts and wear parts of HPGR. The spare parts provided by us can reduce unexpected breakdowns, maintenance downtime and operational costs. The key spare parts we can provide to customers include ordinary stud rollers and segmented stud rollers etc.

Ordinary stud roller
Mainly composed of roller shaft, cylindrical roller sleeve and studs (embedded on the surface of roller sleeve) for material grinding.
  • Greater improvement of overall abrasion performance – LEE JUN unique diamond-shaped dot-matrix layout allows the formation of a dense “autogenous wearing layer" between studs, effectively protecting the roller body from abrasion, and greatly extending the service life of roller sleeve.
  • Strong material adaptability – Stable operation for materials with different moisture, particle sizes and hardness, easily handles various kind of hard rock ores, such as iron ore and non-ferrous minerals.
  • Easier maintenance and low maintenance cost - If any studs are accidentally broken or fractured in operation, maintainers who have simple maintenance and skills training, will be capable of self-replacement by taking advantage of the equipment shutdown interval. Timely maintenance will ensure the normal use of the roller surface and achieve the maximum service life.
Segment type stud roller
Mainly composed of roller shaft, segmented sleeve and studs. Segmented sleeve contains several identical pieces divided from the traditional cylindrical sleeve along the circumference. Studs are embedded on the surfaces of the segmented sleeve installed on the roller shaft along the circumference.
While having the advantages of the ordinary stud roller, the segment type stud roller also has the following strengths:
  • Quick online replacement and convenient disassembling and assembling – No need to disassemble and assemble the frame, bearing housing and other parts. This means less man-hour with short downtime
  • Wide application scope - Different wear-resistant materials are customized based on the characteristics of different materials
  • Light weight of single piece - Convenient for transportation, installation, and storage of wearing parts