2023 Post Budget Breakfast Meeting (Western Australia )

On the 12th May 2023, Mark McGowan, Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia, delivered the official outlook for Western Australia’s economy and outlines his Government’s plan for the state’s long term future.

The local government allocated a huge budget of 3 billion in the next two years for further action on climate change and achieving net zero emissions by 2050, reflecting the government’s responsibility and determination towards the goal.

LeeJun is honored to be invited to this 2023 post budget breakfast meeting. Our sales director, Mr. Peter Chen represented LeeJun to participate in this event and got a chance to have a short discussion with Mark McGowan. while also taking a picture with him.

LeeJun placed sustainability as one of our main priorities and put them into practice. LeeJun is constantly investing into R&D, constantly pursuit of new technologies and processes, further reduce carbon emissions, and save water resources, to create a better future.

Looking forward to work with more clients to achieve the net zero emissions together.