Financial Officer cum Admin
Type: Full-time
Job Description:

1. Responsible for related financial work of Singapore Company;

2. Assisted in preparing monthly statements, issuing annual audit reports, tax declaration, etc.;

3. Sorted out and preliminarily reviewed reimbursement bills, and delivered relevant documents to the headquarter;

4. Responsible for assisting Human Resources Department to check CPF related data and make payment on time;

5. Responsible for timely updating relevant information of enterprise registration;

6. Responsible for specific communication and coordination with banks and intermediaries (accountants, tax accountants, lawyers) in Singapore;

7. Responsible for data management. Timely print, send and receive, sort and file data, and timely transfer relevant financial data to the headquarter according to regulations;

8. Responsible for daily affairs and management of office administration;

9. Complete other work assigned by the supervisor .