Congratulations to Chengdu LeeJun for becoming one of the “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the list of “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” in 2023. There are two companies from Sichuan on the list, and Chengdu LeeJun Industrial Co., Ltd. is on the list.

“National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” are companies that the ministry encourages and supports. These companies, in their respective technological field, fully demonstrates their technological innovations and research capability, establish the initiative for new technological advancement in their field. The ministry identifies these companies with strong innovative capabilities and initiatives, great business leadership and ability to drive technological advancement. With this list, the ministry then provides policy support to encourage and guide key industry enterprises to drive industrial technological progress and improve innovation capabilities.

The recognition of LeeJun as one of the “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” proved that LeeJun had made a new breakthrough and achieved a new level in term of high-end technological innovation. LeeJun will take this opportunity to adhere to the mission of “driving industrial technological progress and improve innovation capabilities”, to further accelerate the development of a modern energy-saving grinding equipment and system. Focusing on integration of innovation and industrial needs, LeeJun strives to become the world best for grinding equipment research and development facility, technical service and support, and nurturing of young talents.

With LeeJun 3rd new manufacturing facility coming online in 2024, our new pilot line and also strong research and innovative capability, we are looking forward to provide the mining industry with the best energy-saving grinding solution and HPGR.