Lee Jun is awarded the honorary title of National Manufacturing Individual Champion again

Chengdu Leejun Industrial Co., Ltd. is awarded the National Manufacturing Individual Champion for our core product (high pressure grinding rollers, HPGR). This is the second time in a row. Leejun won the same award during 2021. National Manufacturing Individual Champion award is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE).

To be eligible for this award:

  1. Devotion and specialization. To be eligible, the company needs to show deep focus and development in a certain product for a minimum of 10 years or more.
  2. Leading global market share. To be eligible, the company needs to be ranked among the top three of global market share for that product. 
  3. Strong innovation ability. To be eligible, the company needs to invest heavily in R&D, owned core independent intellectual property rights, and leads or participate in the formulation of the technical standard on a global level
  4. High quality and efficiency. To be eligible, the key performance indicators of the product must be at the leading level of similar products in the world.
  5. Proper company management and conduct. To be eligible, the company needs to have a sound management system for finance, intellectual property, technical standard, and quality assurance. The company must not have any record of environmental violations in the past three years.

Leejun is happy to be awarded this again for the 2nd time. This shows that all the effort in trying to create the best product is again being recognized. With this, it shall further motivate us to continue improving our HPGR and bring maximum value to everyone.