To achieve sustainability, one must simultaneously fulfil the 3 essential pillars: environmental protection, social development and economic growth. During the formative years of LEE JUN, we have always place sustainability at our utmost priorities in all our consideration and put them into practice.

Social Responsibility

LEE JUN always takes the initiative to undertake social responsibility. We strive to influence and drive/support local economy through our own development growth. We actively participate in social public welfare activities building a harmonious society.

LEE JUN had participated in various social public welfare activities for many years. For the last decade, LEE JUN has continuously provided donation fundings for the local primary schools, and actively supports educational and scientific research activities. During 2020 and 2021, LEE JUN donated roller press with an equivalent value of 6 million RMB to local universities and design institutions.

People oriented culture

LEE JUN’s company culture is adopting a “people-first” philosophy. During times of hardship, LEE JUN always stretches out a helping hand to its employees and their families, materially and spiritually. LEE JUN also prioritises in training and nurturing company employees, providing the best environment and positions for them to grow and fully display their abilities. LEE JUN strongly emphasis on its “family” culture as one of its core philosophy.

Environmental protection

The mining industry plays an important role in our technological advancement, greatly improving our quality of life and convenience. However, during the process of extracting the minerals, often there is negative impact on our environment. LEE JUN understands that our action today will greatly affect the lives of our future generations. LEE JUN is always devoted to harmonious and green development, constantly pursuit of new technologies and processes, further reduce carbon emissions, and save water resources, create a better future.

Lee Jun Corporate Responsibility statement 26th Sept 2022 English 2.90 MB download
Lee Jun Corporate Responsibility statement 27th May 2021 English 2.00 MB download