Yishui Xinda Mining Co., Ltd. (China)

HPGR + 5mm Dry Screen. Lithium ore processing around 2,300,000 tonnes/year

Customer: Yishui Xinda Mining Co., Ltd. (China)
Location: Shangdong Province, China
Ore Category: Lithium
Scope of Work: Supply HPGR and System Solutions for expansion project
  • Imported lithium ores. Around 2,300,000 tonnes / year
  • HPGR + 5mm dry screen circuit. Feed size is ≤ 50mm. Final product size is 5mm
  • HPGR (CLM18080, with roll 1800mm diameter, 800mm width. Power is 2x800kW with throughput 550~600t/h
  • Year of installed: Feb 2017
  • HPGR roll linear speed is ≤1.9m/s, operational availability more than 90%.
  • Last roller replacement: Oct 2022 (Service life of roller - 3 million tonnes )
  • Other highlights: (Operational availability more than 90%, Wear of roller surface is very uniform, No studs broken or wash off during the past operations)