Fujian Makeng Mining (China)

"HPGR +3mm wet screen + wet pre concentration" application case - 5 million tons/year (raw ore)

Customer: Fujian Makeng Mining CO., LTD
Location: Fujian Province, China
Ore Category: Iron, Molybdenum
Scope of Work: Supply HPGR and System Solutions for expansion project
  • Typical case of capacity expansion: before the expansion, the annual capacity is 3.5 million tons/year, the conventional 3 phases and one closed-circuit + 2 phases ball mill is adopted. After adding the system of "HPGR 3mm closed-circuit + pre-concentration before ball mill", the annual capacity reaches to 5 million tons/year, and Max. 6 million tons/year.
  • High operation rate: the HPGR adopts the wet closed-circuit screening technology + ball mill , continuous working system, every month only need shut down 8 hours for maintaining the roller surface.
  • Achieved large-scale equipment, CLM200160 HPGR, roller diameter 2000mm, roller width 1600mm, Max. throughput of each HPGR can reach 1900-2200t/h.
  • Comprehensive utilization of resources: pre-concentration magnetic separation tailings are graded by screen. The waste slag of 3-0.5mm is used as building materials, and the waste slag of -1mm is transported to the filling system as filling materials, so as to realize comprehensive utilization of mineral processing waste slag.