Benxi Dongfang Sanjiazi (China)

10 million tons of ultra-fine ultra-low-grade magnetite HPGR +3mm dry screen + dry separation" application case

Customer: Benxi Dongfang Sanjiazi Mining CO., LTD
Location: Liaoning Province, China
Ore Category: Iron
Scope of Work: Supply HPGR and System Solutions for expansion project
  • Large-scale + short process + low cost: create a new process for large-scale development and utilization of ultra-fine and ultra-low grade iron ore, adopt the new process of "two-phase and one closed-circuit crushing + HPGR 3mm closed-circuit screening + 2 phase grinding", and the tailing yield before grinding reaches more than 50%, which greatly reduced the feed to mill.
  • Achieved large-scale equipment, single series: the world largest HPGR CLM260160 in the iron ore industry is adopted in this project, and the maximum throughput capacity of each HPGR can reach to 3600-4400t/h.
  • New equipment: the use of a new type of dry powder separator, for material -3mm after HPGR,  with the related PDM dry magnetic separator, capacity of 150-250t/h, can achieve efficient preconcentration of -3mm material.
  • Low carbon and environmental protection: it has been selected as "National Green mining" in 2020. The dry tailings will be screened and treated by classification, which can meet the different needs such as road construction and construction projects and achieve comprehensive resource recycling and utilization